Dubai Outdoor activities for "Isra & Miraj Night" week end !

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Why a day off in Dubai ? 

The 22, 23 24 of may 2014 most of Dubai people will have time to enjoy a long week end. For the most curious among us Isra & Miraj Night is the moment where Muhammad traveled on the steed Buraq to "the farthest mosque" where he leads other prophets in prayer. He then ascends to heaven where he speaks to God, who gives Muhammad instructions to take back to the faithful regarding the details of prayer. According to traditions, the journey is associated with the Lailat al Mi'raj, as one of the most significant events in the Islamic calendar

3 reasons to come for a Buggy Tour this week end !

Well we actually do think it's a good moment to enjoy a buggy ride, here are our 3 reasons:

1- Summer is coming in Dubai

Yes, yes, yes ! Don't forget that in a couple of weeks it will be hell to hot to go for desert safaris or mountain excursions

2- Familly time, familly activity

Our buggies are actually safe and for 2 people. One adult and one child ! So don't waste this chance to go out on a funny ride with your family.

3- Time to go for something new

When is the last time you went on a buggy tour in the desert ? Not speaking about a traditionnal camping or bigger safari tour. I mean a real adventurer trip in the UAE desert ? 


So now you know that Rambo and all our buggies -they actually all have names- are waiting for you.

Clic here and book one of the last few buggies left, we have for this long week end :)


5 reasons you should go for a romantic buggy trip this week end !

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1- Summer is coming !

If you live in Dubai, you know how scary it can be !

Photo: Fuck!!!!

2- Because you went to Barasti and Kite beach last week 

Well, we spoke about the Dubai Routine earlier and we know how dangerous it can be to go again and again and again to the same places ! So better for you to don't take any risk !

3- Because it's one of the 5 best outdoor activites for couples in Dubai

Yes please ! As we explained this week desert and mountain are among the 5 outdoor activites you cannot miss in Dubai, along with : a romantic picnic, sea paddle and horse riding

4- Because buggy are for couples

So it is definitely a good idea to come and switch between the one who usually drives and the one that usually does not.

5- Because it will impress your friends back home !

What about such a picture ? :)


Let's buggy ?

Clic here and book one of the last few buggies left, we have for this friday and saturday !



What happened after you contacted us ?

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Thanks for your request ! Now that we've received it, we'll answer you in very short terms.

Next steps are

  • 1- You gonna receive an automatic email with all practical information - don't forget to look into your spam box -
  • 2- We confirm you your booking by email or SMS
  • 3- We meet you for your tour !

Regular Questions

If you have anymore question, feel free to contact us by phone ( +971 50 22 322 48 ) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). We'll be very pleased to help you.

We wish you a very nice day.

Your Buggy Adventures Team


Sand temperatures in the desert

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The sand temperature can differ a lot from summer to winter. In midsummer, trying to walk barefoot on the sand at noon is almost impossible, unless you are a Fakir (a barefooted holy man who wonders the desert) and can walk on fire! The sand in summer is hot enough to really burn your skin. If you have to or want to walk on hot sand, then wear closed shoes because sand will get into sandals and burn your feet.

Driving when the sand is this hot is also bad for the tyres because the intense heat can cause them to explode.

The thing to remember is to put up a shade or a big umbrella, and you will find that the sand will cool down in just a few minutes so you will be able to sit or lie on it.

During winter nights, the sand is as cold as the weather, with temperatures dropping as low as 3C. So, if you have to walk on sand in the middle of the night, closed shoes are once again important, to stop your feet from getting too cold. And, don't forget to wear a jacket.


What to bring with you for buggy trips

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Not that much!

We provide you water and soft drinks (or hot tea for winter trips). Each buggy is equipped with a first aid kit the leading buggy has the required tools needed in case a buggy gets stuck. Your leader has experience of off-road terrain and is trained to handle any situation that may occur.

There are however some items you should bring:

A camera, the strongest available sun block, a scarf to put around your mouth and nose (especially for mountain trips) a long sleeved t-shirt (to protect you from the sun). You do not need to wear long trousers, shorts will work perfectly well, or closed shoes, sandals will be adequate.

In winter, don't forget to take a jacket, as the weather can be cold or wet.


What desert animals can we see in the summer time?

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During the day, you won't see many wild animals, except for some camels, gazelles and Oryx, as a lot of wildlife chooses to seek shelter from the worst of the day-time heat.

Most will come out at night-time, such as the fox, the wolf, the desert rabbit and mouse. You should be aware that you should not expect to see a lot of animals in general, because the desert remains a very hostile place for all living creatures, it’s a place where animals have to work hard to survive as nothing comes easily.

In addition to animals, there are also reptiles including lizards, as well as a few scorpions. Of course, we cannot forget the falcon, a great predator, which, after training, can hunt other species and bring them back to you.

But don’t worry, nothing that lives in the desert will harm you. Animals, reptiles, or lizards never run after you or attack you unless you provoke them by chasing them or touching them.

The desert remains a very quiet and sterile place but it is also a fragile environment that needs to be protected from detritus created by humans. An interesting fact that not many people know is that most desert places were once sea beds, and in fossil rocks, you can see coral, shells, and even fish bones, trapped in the rock.


Buggies in Dubai summer ?

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Can the buggies take the heat?

The answer to this is actually, “yes” however, taking them out during the hottest parts of the day is not recommended. We have tried our buggies in these conditions on the roughest roads and steepest hills and they managed perfectly without overheating as they are tough, durable machines made of heavy-duty parts.

However, we noticed that the tyres were got really hot which means there was a danger of them exploding on contact with the hot sand. We also found that the power of the engine was reduced, and that some rubber cooling pipes expanded, and while we did not have any total breakdowns, we felt that that was certainly a risk. So, we concluded that the best way to preserve the buggy’s engine, and to prevent any mechanical failure, was to avoid driving during the hottest time of the day.

We are happy to content ourselves by making sure our trips take place before 10am and after 5pm, to avoid putting the buggy, and more importantly the driver and passenger, at risk.


Desert Buggy Trip in Summer !

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Are desert buggy trips possible during the summer?

Summer buggy trips that take place between 10am and 4pm will leave you as red as a tomato and extremely dehydrated. Even the best sun block money can buy will make very little difference because of the intense heat at this time of year. And, you won’t see any wildlife, just the odd crazy human or two, because animals are sensible enough to stay under cover during the day’s most intense heat, which can be as high as 50C, which, you don’t need me to tell you, is unbearable.

It is worth remembering that we have the heat to thank for the beautiful wilderness that we know as the "desert". If the rain was more frequent and stable, the desert would actually be a beautiful forest, as, all the red sand needs is a little fertiliser and water to allow it to produce foliage. It is for this reason that red sand is used for gardens and agriculture in the UAE.

To come back to our topic, the best time for a buggy trip in the summer is either early in the morning, from sunrise to 9am, or from 5pm until sunset. At these times, there is normally a breeze due to the difference of temperature between night and day, making the desert more pleasant place to be. With the sun lower in the sky, there is less glare meaning you will be able to enjoy more of the landscape’s beauty, including the different colours of sand and the pink tones of fossil rocks.

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