Why you should come with us for a Buggy Desert Safari Tour

That's actually a good question. We are many adventures companies on the Internet, but now that you came into our website, let's have a look !

Looking for a desert Safari ?

That's cool, because we do it !

3 Reasons you should come with us

1We Love the Outdoors
Magical desert landscapes, stunning vistas of dunes, a rare glimpse into the Emirates of old. This is the stuff we love and love to share. So when you strap on the helmet and get on those buggies, we guarantee you a next level desert experience.

2Locally Grown Adventure
Desert safaris is in our blood! As locals we spent our childhoods dune bashing and driving through the Emirati wilderness. Our tours covers the best spots and have been refined by years of wilderness trekking.

3People Say Nice Things About Us
Well, we would love to keep telling you how awesome and wonderful our tours are but you can see for yourself what other people are saying about our tours on Trip Advisor. We believe Buggy Adventures is only as good as our last safari so we always make sure you leave with a smile on your face. :)

What do we do ?

Tour, Safaris, Excursions, ... whatever we can call it. In any case we'll take you in our super cool buggies to go into very nice places around the UAE.

Who are we ?

Buggy Adventure is not the biggest company in the UAE. We're local people passionate about our country. We're at least passionate enough to go every week into our sandy country side !

You wanna have a look ?

    Ready to book ?

    If you're still hesitating between booking with us or coming with us, you should just give us a call +971 50 22 322 48. We speak Arab, French, Belgium, Canadian, English, American, British ... so we'll be happy to answer you straight over the phone !

    Let's go, I click and book online !

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