Our Buggies in Dubai

Buggies Technical description

  • Single piston, 4 stroke, 700cc
  • Fuel injection
  • Automatic shutdown engine (in case of accident)
  • 4x4 transmission, with full time rear differential lock and on-demand front differential lock
  • “Ultramatic” gear box (automatic, centrifugal clutch)
  • Off-road shock absorber for better grip, and smoother drive
  • Digital speedometer
  • Duo Buggies

About our double 700cc buggies

Our buggies give you the ability to go places that cars can’t, they have enough power and torque to carry you up tall sand dunes, sharp dunes, high rocky mountains, or along rocky roads and wadis, and, most importantly, they are safe to drive. We can provide a driver (free of charge) for those of you who would rather let the experts take charge.

All our trusted buggies: Rambo, Hercules, Ulysses, Rocky and Conan, are raring to go to take you on an unforgettable experience.

Why our buggies will give you the best of the UAE

By not exceeding five buggies per trip, we can provide a quality safari excursion and give you one-to-one attention. Every trip will have a tour guide in the leading buggy to assist and guide you on the excursion.

All buggies are linked via walkie talkies so your leader can alert you to hazards and talk about historic places you pass along the way, and, so drivers and riders can chat to each other.

Author - Kareem AL BLOUSHI
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