Will your couple survive the Dubai routine ?

Bored Couple In Dubai Bored Couple In Dubai

As a Couple, Will You Survive the Dubai Routine ?

Kite Beach, Barasti, or Cinema ?

First question you should ask yourself was how was your week-end? Did you get good a breather between Barasti and Kite Beach ?

Don't get me wrong I love this places but the real question is did you go there the previous week and the one before too ?  If you answered yes, congratulations you're getting some Dubai rust.

Couples in Dubai

Dubai is an amazing place to live. You can always find a quirky fun place to go with your significant other, but as anywhere else in the world you will get into this slightly awkward phase where you are doing the same thing weekend in and weekend out.

Back home options are way different, we can go to visit our friends for ever, go to do local activities or spend time with families. Our priorities and options definitely changes since most of us are expats here!

How Do You Get Trapped in the Dubai Routine?

From my point of view -and you can obviously disagree- I think that most of us suffer from the Dubai life style. Not that I don't like Dubai but honestly we always do the same and always end-up in the same clubs or beaches. Which is ifantastic if you always wanna meet the same people. 

The Escape 

Ah ah ah ah ! Hope you're not expecting any magic potion here. Or if you have one, please send it to me by email ! Actually I don't know myself. Now that I am a -happy- dad I try to take care of my kids. But I have to confess. I am local. This does not mean that I have 2 Hummers and 1 jetski. I just have dune buggies :p but it's my job. I'll be very happy if you actually can share what you think can save our love stories in Dubai !

So ... what do you do to make your love story different every week end ? 


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