What desert animals can we see in the summer time?

During the day, you won't see many wild animals, except for some camels, gazelles and Oryx, as a lot of wildlife chooses to seek shelter from the worst of the day-time heat.

Most will come out at night-time, such as the fox, the wolf, the desert rabbit and mouse. You should be aware that you should not expect to see a lot of animals in general, because the desert remains a very hostile place for all living creatures, it’s a place where animals have to work hard to survive as nothing comes easily.

In addition to animals, there are also reptiles including lizards, as well as a few scorpions. Of course, we cannot forget the falcon, a great predator, which, after training, can hunt other species and bring them back to you.

But don’t worry, nothing that lives in the desert will harm you. Animals, reptiles, or lizards never run after you or attack you unless you provoke them by chasing them or touching them.

The desert remains a very quiet and sterile place but it is also a fragile environment that needs to be protected from detritus created by humans. An interesting fact that not many people know is that most desert places were once sea beds, and in fossil rocks, you can see coral, shells, and even fish bones, trapped in the rock.

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