Six golden rules for buggy trips from June to September

1Set off early, or set off late, for example, between 6am and 10am and 5pm to 7pm. At this time of day, the sun will be low in the sky and the heat will be less, so you will get a much clearer view of the colours of the desert.

2Always drink plenty of water.

3Try to cover your body as much as possible by wearing a light but long sleeved t-shirt or other long sleeves.

4Avoid staying too long in direct sunlight.

5Bring your strongest sun block.

6Exercise fanatics, save it for another occasion - running about in the sand is tiring anyway, but add high temperatures to that, and you will exhaust yourselves very quickly.

If you stick to these golden rules, you will be surprised how pleasant a summer buggy trip can be.

It is worth noting that a mountain buggy trip takes you to 600m altitude, at which the temperature decreases by a few degrees. When you take a desert buggy trip, you will get away from the humidity of the coast and into a wide open landscape where there is more of a breeze. On both trips, you will also get away from heat producing cars and air conditioning units that both add a few degrees to the summer heat, making it feel hotter than it really is.

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