Sand temperatures in the desert

The sand temperature can differ a lot from summer to winter. In midsummer, trying to walk barefoot on the sand at noon is almost impossible, unless you are a Fakir (a barefooted holy man who wonders the desert) and can walk on fire! The sand in summer is hot enough to really burn your skin. If you have to or want to walk on hot sand, then wear closed shoes because sand will get into sandals and burn your feet.

Driving when the sand is this hot is also bad for the tyres because the intense heat can cause them to explode.

The thing to remember is to put up a shade or a big umbrella, and you will find that the sand will cool down in just a few minutes so you will be able to sit or lie on it.

During winter nights, the sand is as cold as the weather, with temperatures dropping as low as 3C. So, if you have to walk on sand in the middle of the night, closed shoes are once again important, to stop your feet from getting too cold. And, don't forget to wear a jacket.

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