Can we do the buggy trip at night?

Due to high demand, Buggy Adventures is in the process of creating an over-night buggy camping trip so our customers can experience the quiet of the beautiful desert sky full of stars, far from the light pollution of the city, with the added thrill of buggy driving in the dark. It is a truly fulfilling experience and a chance for drivers and passengers to see wild animals that are only ordinarily seen by night.

Until we launch that service, we would advise our customers against going buggy driving at night alone for two reasons:

1You will not be able to see the landscape and the beauty of it.

2Driving in sand dunes at night is dangerous because you cannot see the depth of sand dunes. A path that may appear flat could in reality be a steep downward dune slope, something which is hazardous for the inexperienced driver.

When our night-time buggy trips launch, it will be best to choose a full moon night to provide you with more light and to drive slowly and carefully, making sure you follow the leader who knows the desert well enough to guide you through it safely in the dark.

Who knows? You may even see the legendary desert “jinn” or “genie spirit” moving across the desert !

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