Buggies in Dubai summer ?

Can the buggies take the heat?

The answer to this is actually, “yes” however, taking them out during the hottest parts of the day is not recommended. We have tried our buggies in these conditions on the roughest roads and steepest hills and they managed perfectly without overheating as they are tough, durable machines made of heavy-duty parts.

However, we noticed that the tyres were got really hot which means there was a danger of them exploding on contact with the hot sand. We also found that the power of the engine was reduced, and that some rubber cooling pipes expanded, and while we did not have any total breakdowns, we felt that that was certainly a risk. So, we concluded that the best way to preserve the buggy’s engine, and to prevent any mechanical failure, was to avoid driving during the hottest time of the day.

We are happy to content ourselves by making sure our trips take place before 10am and after 5pm, to avoid putting the buggy, and more importantly the driver and passenger, at risk.

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