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2014 Certificate of Excellence Trip Advisor

Thanks you, thanks you so much to all our Adventurers !

That's a very positive and good news to realize that people enjoyed to visite the UAE with us ! We've been now out for a couple of years, during the heat, the rain and the sun to give a different vision of the UAE nature.

That's our daily job and wish to show what is the real beauty of the UAE !

2014 awards but what for 2015 ?

Well as always we'll have to keep working hard ! We came this year with new concept as Buggy Desert Camping and new tours. So be sure that 2015 will be the moment we go for different new routes and activities.

And our lovely adventurers ?

Well the best and more exciting you could do is just to share your opinion ideas and more in TripAdvisor. It's been for us a way to monitore our acitvities and to know what do you like or not from our tours. We do take all your feedbacks into consideration. So feel free to share your best and craziest ideas !


Dubai Outdoor activities for "Isra & Miraj Night" week end !

Why a day off in Dubai ? 

The 22, 23 24 of may 2014 most of Dubai people will have time to enjoy a long week end. For the most curious among us Isra & Miraj Night is the moment where Muhammad traveled on the steed Buraq to "the farthest mosque" where he leads other prophets in prayer. He then ascends to heaven where he speaks to God, who gives Muhammad instructions to take back to the faithful regarding the details of prayer. According to traditions, the journey is associated with the Lailat al Mi'raj, as one of the most significant events in the Islamic calendar

3 reasons to come for a Buggy Tour this week end !

Well we actually do think it's a good moment to enjoy a buggy ride, here are our 3 reasons:

1- Summer is coming in Dubai

Yes, yes, yes ! Don't forget that in a couple of weeks it will be hell to hot to go for desert safaris or mountain excursions

2- Familly time, familly activity

Our buggies are actually safe and for 2 people. One adult and one child ! So don't waste this chance to go out on a funny ride with your family.

3- Time to go for something new

When is the last time you went on a buggy tour in the desert ? Not speaking about a traditionnal camping or bigger safari tour. I mean a real adventurer trip in the UAE desert ? 


So now you know that Rambo and all our buggies -they actually all have names- are waiting for you.

Clic here and book one of the last few buggies left, we have for this long week end :)


5 reasons you should go for a romantic buggy trip this week end !

1- Summer is coming !

If you live in Dubai, you know how scary it can be !

Photo: Fuck!!!!

2- Because you went to Barasti and Kite beach last week 

Well, we spoke about the Dubai Routine earlier and we know how dangerous it can be to go again and again and again to the same places ! So better for you to don't take any risk !

3- Because it's one of the 5 best outdoor activites for couples in Dubai

Yes please ! As we explained this week desert and mountain are among the 5 outdoor activites you cannot miss in Dubai, along with : a romantic picnic, sea paddle and horse riding

4- Because buggy are for couples

So it is definitely a good idea to come and switch between the one who usually drives and the one that usually does not.

5- Because it will impress your friends back home !

What about such a picture ? :)


Let's buggy ?

Clic here and book one of the last few buggies left, we have for this friday and saturday !



5 outdoor activities for couples in Dubai

5 Simple Outdoor Activities for Couples in Dubai

So you have explored all the malls, restaurants, cinemas and bars in Dubai, care to try something new with your significant other this weekend? It's always nice to remember that outdoor activities can be an option too. Check out below our top 5 outdoor activities you can do this weekend.

1- A Romantic Picnic in One of the Dubai Parks

Well even if Safa Park remains one of the top Dubai, some of the lesser known ones could also be a quite pleasant experience. Take for example the lovely Al Barsha Park. It has a lake, fountains and a view that makes it a perfect place for a romantic picnic lunch especially during the cooler weekend evenings.

Another one we love to go during the week or late evening to escape from the heat is Creek Park. It has an amazing view of the cityscape that lights up beautifully in the evening.

2- Try Out Sea Paddling

This is actually a very tricky activity. Very few are actually strong enough to do sea paddling alone. So you'll most probably need your other half to help you in trying out this fun and challenging sport.

In any case, the reason we love this activity it's because its a fun workout you can do together. Just try to paddle back instead of swimming among the jelly fish! Yes we had to once, luckily we didn't get stung!

3- Horse riding for a couple of hours

Frankly speaking, who of us has never dreamed of being the charming prince riding on a white horse to save his significant other from broing Dubai weekend routines.

4- Go for the desert experience

As a local I love our deserts because they are quiet, relaxing, and far away from the modern hustle and bustle. Take your other half to watch an amazing sun rise or sun set in the desert, they will remember it for a while.

5- Visit the UAE mountains

We actually do have mountains in the UAE. Not speaking about the ones in Oman ones (we love them too), but about the ones you'll find between Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah.

Show your significant other a breathtaking view of the Hajjar Mountains and take her a on a drive through the Wadis. It will get your heart beating and give you a feel of UAE's serene nature!

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